Classes & Tuition

Class Schedule

  • All students should have attire according the dress code for their class. We do ask that you dont wear your dance shoes/slippers outside. 
  • Additional instances of any classes may be added in the open slots on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday once a waitlist is formed with 4+ students.
  • Homeschool classes are billed independently and are not included in the sliding tuition scale or multi-student discount. 
  • Any class is subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.
  • Tuesday Hip Hop is Currently On a Waitlist

  • Monday Classes are Taught by Ms. Hadassah
  • Tuesday/Wednesday Classes are Taught by Ms. Rachel (Except Lyrical III w/Ms. Hadassah)
  • Thursday Classes & Date Night Special are Taught by Ms. Sarah

Dance Introduction – Little Leapers

Our Little Leapers Program is a non-leveled program meant to teach our littlest dancers the basics of the respective genres in a fun and engaging environment. Dancers must be toilet trained.

Class Name

Class Times


LIttle Leapers #1 (Ballet + Jazz)

3:00-3:55p (Mon)

Introduction to rhythm, coordination, and basic ballet & jazz positions and terms.
LIttle Leapers #2 (Ballet + Tap)

4:00-4:55p (Mon)

Introduction to rhythm, coordination, and basic ballet & tap positions and terms. Requires tap shoes in addition to ballet slippers.
LIttle Leapers #3 (Ballet + Jazz)

6:00-6:55p (Wed)

Introduction to rhythm, coordination, and basic ballet & jazz positions and terms.

Ballet Program – Class List

At New Creations we view Ballet as the foundation for all other genres in terms of strength, coordination, and technique. As such our Ballet Program features more levels and is based primarily on experience and knowledge in accordance with our Ballet Syllabi and age is more of a reference and guide post.
For more information or to have your student considered for an age exception contact NCDC for a individualized evaluation/discussion.


Class Name

Class Times


Ballet I

5:00-5:55p (Mon)

Beginner combinations with added positions and dance etiquette. Recommended for ages 5-6.
Ballet II

5:00-5:55p (Tue)

A continuation of our beginner program that increases terminology and technique while building strength and flexibility. Recommended for ages 7-9.
Ballet III

4:00-4:55p (Thu)

Increased knowledge of terminology and complexity of combinations while improving strength and flexibility. Recommended for ages 10-12 (based on experience)
Ballet IV

6:00-6:55p (Thu)

Intermediate to advanced skill in various techniques, introduction to classic variations, and advancing student combination at the barre and floor.

Recommended for ages 12-14 with extensive prior training. If your student is 12+ with limited experience we will require they enroll in Open Division (see below).
Ballet V

6:00-7:55p (Mon)

Our highest and most advanced level of ballet focused on advanced combination, variations, and artistry.

This Two Hour class will include advanced strength/core work at the barre and is meant to be taken in tandem with Advanced Pointe (though not required).

Recommended for ages 14+ with extensive ballet training or prior approval by NCDC Staff.

If your student lacks the experience we recommend Open Division (see below).
Advanced Pointe

8:00-8:55p (Mon)

Adds an additional hour for our advanced dancers that is dedicated entire to work on pointe.

NOTE: NCDC requires that new Pointe dancers are accompanied by NCDC Staff to their first shoe fitting.
Open Division Ballet

5:00-5:55p (Thu)

Moderate to Intermediate Ballet technique and strength training designed for students who meet the recommended age for Ballet IV-V without the prerequisite training.
Adult Ballet

7:00-7:55p (Thu)

Ballet class for adult dancers with any level of experience (18+).

Adult Ballet has a unique dress code and is recital optional.

Lyrical Program – Class List

Our Lyrical Program combines aspects of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz into developing routines and choreography that are inspired by the lyrics of the chosen music selection.

Note: All songs in our Lyrical Program are pre-screened for lyrics and artist reputation that are contrary to our Christian Culture.

Class Name

Class Times


Lyrical I (5-7)

4:00-4:55p (Tue)

Introduction to Lyrical, designed for students with minimal ballet/lyrical training
Lyrical II (8-11)

4:00-4:55p (Wed)

Middle Level in Lyrical Program designed for students with moderate ballet/lyrical training
Lyrical III (12+)

8:00-8:55p (Wed)

Advanced Level in Lyrical Program designed for students with advanced ballet/lyrical training

Jazz Program – Class List


Our Jazz Program provides dancers with a combination of upbeat music, fast-paced movement, improvisation, and a call and response format in a merge of ballet and pop/theatrical show-tune dance styles.

Note that all Jazz Students are Required to Purchase Jazz shoes in addition the dress code for any other classes they take.

Class Name

Class Times


Jazz I (5-7)

6:00-6:55p (Tue)

Introduction to the Jazz genre featuring basic steps and terminology.

Recommended for ages 5-7.
Jazz II (8-11)

5:00-5:55p (Wed)

Moderate instruction in the Jazz genre featuring increased difficulty and deeper understanding of the genre and terminology.

Recommended for ages 8-11.
Jazz III (12+)

8:00-8:55p (Tue)

Advanced instruction in the genre showcasing a rounded understanding of the various styles of Jazz.

Recommended for ages 12+.

Additional Class Descriptions

Class Name

Class Times


Homegrown Dancers #1-#4


Non-Leveled co-op style class for area homeschoolers with larger class sizes and a reduced tuition rate.

NOTE: This class does not qualify for the Multi-Student Discount.
Holy Hip Hop (7+)


(Tue - Waitlist
Wed - Open)

Non-Leveled high-energy class teaching the basic technique and form of Hip Hop to pre-selected Christian Hip Hop songs.

We encourage older students to enroll in Wednesday's class due to current makeup.
Holy Hip Hop (13+)

5:00-5:55p (Fri)

Non-Leveled high-energy class teaching the basic-intermediate technique and form of Hip Hop to pre-selected Christian Hip Hop songs.

Designed for ages 13+.
Date Night Special


Third Friday of Month

Special ticketed event for couples that will teach basic ballroom dance in various styles.

Ticket price is per couple and may include dinner/drinks with a local partner establishment.

See the Events tab for more details.

Tuition & Fees

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*Applies to the additional students only. Homeschool classes are excluded.