Studio Expectations

Expectations & Dress Code

I. Student Expectations    

    1. Come to class prepared, having eaten something beforehand and adhering to the dress code.

    2. Listen and engage in the class with the instructor, assistant, and fellow students with courtesy, polite behavior and encouraging attitude including a thank you to the instructors at the end of the class.
    3. Intermediate and Advanced students are encouraged to bring a notebook and water bottle.

II. Dress Code – Young Ladies Dancewear

  1. Ballet: Each class is assigned a specific color leotard, to be accompanied by pink tights and pink slippers.
    – Ballet I: Burgandy
    – Ballet II: Light Blue
    – Ballet III: Navy Blue
    – Ballet IV: Red
    – Ballet V: Black or Purple

    Little Leapers, Open Division, & Homegrown Dancers: Open Color
    – Adult Ballet: Modest Apparel (Leggings & T-shirt) with Black Ballet Shoes

  2. Jazz: Black Jazz shorts/pants and jazz shoes with any color leotard
  3. Tap: black Jazz shorts/pants and tap shoes with any color leotard
  4. Lyrical: Pink tights, dance paws, and any color leotard
  5. Hip Hop: Sweatpants/full length leggings, t-shirt, and dedicated shoes (not worn outside of class)

III. Dress Code – Young Men Dancewear

  1. Ballet: Black shorts/sweatpants (no holes/tears), a clean white/black t-shirt, and black ballet shoes.
  2. Jazz/Tap/Lyrical: Same as ballet except black shoes in the correct style for the genre’
  3. Hip Hop: Sweatpants, solid color t-shirt, and dedicated shoes (not worn outside of class)

IV. Additional Class Dress Code

  1. Hair Etiquette (Ballet): Long Hair pulled into a bun, short hair tied/clipped back away from face.
  2. Hair Etiquette (Other): Long hair pulled into a bun/pony tail, short hair tied/clipped back away from face.
  3. Jewelry: All loose jewelry and watches should be removed prior to class. Stud earrings are okay.
  4. Dance shoes/slippers should not be worn outside of class.

IV. Parent/Guardian Expectations

  1. Support their dancer’s artistic development through timely arrival, supply provision, and dress code adherence.

  2. Support the culture of the studio through positive encouragement and reinforcement of behavior

  3. Be courteous in regard to illness. If a student stayed home from school due to illness, keep them home from class and notify the staff

See attached PDF for full policies and procedures.